Judith and Greta Uehling

“Crimean Tatars & Ukraine: Double Displacement”

This exhibition reveals overlapping and intersecting interpretations of everyday life through photographs & mixed-media paintings about Crimea and the Crimean Tatars. Much of the material was collected almost two decades ago when Greta was researching her dissertation in Tashkent and invited her Mother to join her on a trip through Uzbekistan. It is this everyday life that provides the foundation or background for spectacular geopolitical events: Russian colonization, Nazi occupation, Soviet deportation and the 2014 displacement now beingcalled a hidden or hybrid deportation.

Today these lives are increasingly inaccessible: Crimean Tatars now live life behind a heavily guarded Russian border with fewer freedoms than under Stalin. However, they remain an important pro-Ukrainian anchor in occupied Crimea. The 15,000 or so who have left the peninsula are finding new understanding —and creating a common political culture—with other Ukrainians in continental Ukraine.

Together, Judith and Greta Uehling offer a window on Crimean Tartars lives, focusing on resilience that is evident in displacements and daily life that continues outside the view of the international news media.

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